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A craftsman, always work safe!

What is Jallows?

Business Network

Jallows is a Business Network, where organizations share their experience and knowledge to create a safe environment. The basis for this is your own account where you organize everything for your business. The nice thing about Jallows is that you share what you know and can find what
you do not know.

Organizing Tool

When you run a Business, you have the obligation by law and as human being to take care for your employees and your surrounding. There is no better tool than
Jallows to help you to accomplish that. Jallows is a Organizing Tool, that will give you control and oversight. It is all you need.

Advanced Audit Support

Information is essential to run a Business. Therefor you administrate your activities. This administration is assurance for clients, your staff and certification bodies.
Jallows is an Advanced System that helps your business to do all this with a minimum effort.